Domain DNS Hosting

Get the most stable and powerful DNS system available. Our geographically distributed DNS system will benefit you with many superior features including; instant updates, Dynamic DNS support, fast resolves close to your clients, and much more.

Every domain registered through us, or transferred to us enjoys these services FREE.

  • Your site loads faster with geographically distributed DNS.
  • Superior protection from hackers using a customized industry standard BIND.
  • Improved website uptime through redundant facilities and monitoring.


Order the Fastest Global Response DNS for Your Domains Today!
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Do NOT use this form to register a new domain name! This form is to host a name in our name servers that has already been registered at another registrar (not ProHostOne). For example, if you already registered the name "" and you would like to use our DNS services only, then type the name in the field above. Do not forget to modify your nameservers at your domain registrar to use the name servers below. The current price for dns hosting is $7.90/yr.

Note: Simply transfer your domain and save! All ProHostOne DNS services come free with all domains registered. Click here to transfer your domain to ProHostOne.

Also Note: In order for your domain name to function correctly, you must add all of the below DNS servers to your domain name's configuration. The name servers are as follows: