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Q. What should I do to assure my visitors are not lost during a transfer ?

A. The easiest way to ease the trials of propagation during a site transfer is to place a web page on your previous host's server that simply states the domain is being upgraded to a new server.

On this page you will need to provide a link for the visitors to follow so that they may find your new website. Since it is obvious that the domain name they are used to using is not leading them to the new server yet, be sure that this link is the temporary URL that was provided in your Account Activation email. You will also want to let your visitors know that this URL is only temporary.

The best way to move your site is a little more complicated and best done by folks that have a solid understanding of DNS records. The process is described in a related article titled: What is propagation in reference to website transfers to ProHostONE ?

If you would like us to do it for you, ProHostONE will provide this service for nominal fee, contact our support for more details. You may also select this service when signing up for hosting.

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