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Q. What is propagation in reference to website transfers to ProHostONE ?

A. You must update your nameserver addresses at your domain registrar with our nameservers' addresses in order to transfer your website. When you update your nameserver addresses at your domain registrar, the propagation period begins.

During this propagation period some ISPs will still point visitors to the website located on your previous web host's servers while other ISPs, that have already updated their DNS Tables, will point your visitors to the website located on your new web host's servers. The same is true for email that is sent to This is usually a frustrating and confusing time for the site owner and visitors as well. It is also common for a visitor to randomly see the new and old websites each time they point their browser to your domain name. This is due to the DNS Cache kept within their personal computers conflicting with the DNS entries provided by their ISP.

Most problems can be avoided by updating your DNS settings at your old host before changing your nameserver records at your domain registrar.

These steps should provide a no-downtime website transfer to our servers.

1) upload your site to our server using the temporary address supplied in the activation email.

2) change the IP addresses in your previous hosts DNS settings to the IP address found in your My Account area.

3) at your domain registrar, update the nameserver addresses to the nameservers listed in your My Account area.

4) Wait at least 4 days before canceling your hosting agreement with your previous host.

If you do these steps correctly and in this order, you should have a no-downtime transfer. ProHostONE will provide this service to you for nominal fee, contact our support for more details.

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