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Q. What are the POP3 and SMTP server addresses ?

A. On Linux Hosting Plans your POP3 and SMTP server addresses will be

On Windows Hosting Plans your POP3 server is and your SMTP server is

For security reasons we do provide SMTP but only with "User Authentication" enabled. In MS Outlook there is a checkbox you must check called "This server requires authentication".

I can receive email but I can't send messages. What could be the trouble ?

If after checking the "This server requires authentication" checkbox in Outlook you still cannot send emails then the issue is most likely to be that your ISP is blocking or filtering Port 25 outgoing SMTP traffic. This is a restriction set by most ISP's to deter SPAM (unsolicited email). If this is the case, then you can only use THEIR outgoing SMTP mail server in place of ours. Contact your ISP to inquire about the proper outgoing mail server address you can use.

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